2017 events



 Camp Jacob is located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains near the Jefferson National Forest. Our desire is to help your church and the Church grow!


June 19-23
July 10-14

July 24-28



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Most Urgent Financial & Property Needs

Time and resources are still needed to complete the Lodge renovations that began in 2006.  Renovations needed include construction of a staff lounge and camp store, as well as possibly adding an upstairs Board Room.

Boys Bath House

Only a few touch-ups, such as installing the skylights and outdoor lighting, are left to finish this project.

Athletic Field

We desire to construct an athletic field to play softball, soccer, football, and such in our front yard.  Anyone willing to donate use of earthmoving equipment or take on this project, please give us a call!


We need your support!

If you can contribute to any of the above projects, please contact the camp at 276-926-8960.



Our mission is to utilize the God given resources of Camp Jacob for the furthering of His Kingdom.

 last updated: 3/27/2017